What’s the food like at Mr Mulligan’s Lost World Golf, Cheltenham | Restaurant Review National Dish

What’s the food like at Mr Mulligan’s Lost World Golf, Cheltenham | Restaurant Review National Dish

This seems like an ideal place to review on National Dish. The travelling adventures of Mr Mulligan are delivered to the general public of Cheltenham in the form of crazy golf…indoors. He also thought it would a good idea to feed his weary followers – we’ll let you know if you should visit the 19th hole…or not.

We went the day after it opened to the public and we could forgive any teething problems, and there were a few. We, by the way, were represented by three generations – Grampy (had stop him bringing is spikes), Daddy (me) and the two Grandchildren (girls).

The premise of Mr Mulligan’s Lost World Adventure Golf is a Johnny Weissmuller (the best Tarzan ever) meets Indiana Jones trip across 36 holes of indoor crazy golf – with a heavy aquatic leaning toward Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues under the Sea . This is the second ‘Lost World Golf’ – the other is in Stevenage. There’s also Pirate Golf in Castleford, Nottingham, Milton Keynes and Woking and Dino Golf in Sidcup and Tonbridge. A little more about the golf later – National Dish is a food blog.

Ok, you’ve finished goofing around – you may or may not have the kids, you could be with work mates or chums, getting drunk. Surprisingly, you can take beers around the course with you and then when you finish, you come out next to the bar and restaurant – so you can carry on.

The setting is rather canteen like, mixtures of tables, chairs, benches – pretty modern shabby chic with those nifty light bulbs that dangle randomly from the ceiling. Sit anywhere you like – we were approached by the front of house who said we can order at the bar or he would take our order. Honestly, I don’t know if he meant the latter, because at the bar itself, he was inundated.

The Cafe Mr Mulligans Lost World Crazy Golf Cheltenham

It might have been because its new, but he seemed to be the only person old enough to take an alcohol order and the youngsters weren’t eager to take any sort of order. Let’s assume it’s new and ordering at the bar is the norm.

The menu, I’m pleased to tell you, wasn’t too big, hopefully resulting in some quality. No marks of course for guessing what might be on it. Nothing fancy, but after the golf, you’re gonna want burgers, wings, leaves, fries – beige. The bar, well stocked, they served decent brands, such as Stowford Press cider rather than that Strongbow garbage – so grabbing a drink, a good idea.

I was able to take both the main and kids menu for a spin. Quick note, they left the food under the heating lamp for about 10 minutes, again, let’s put this down to it being new. So everything was warm and a little dry maybe, but as you can see it sitting there, it might get some peoples back up.

I had some buffalo wings, 9 to be exact, for £7.25 – that’s expensive right, it even didn’t come with fries? £6.95 and maybe I wouldn’t have noticed, but I reckon wings at £5.95 would have made me feel like I was getting the right value. How were they? They were good, not juicy fall of the bone good, but still very good. They came with two dips, made in the kitchen? Probably not, but the blue cheese was ace.

Chicken Wings from Mr Mulligan's Lost World Adventure Golf Cheltenham's Restaurant The Club

Grampy had a club sandwich, The Club Special, with fries, which were served in a cool little basket. But, as you can see, it’s all a little…sparse, even down the filling of the sandwich. He did enjoy it though, but that might have been because I was paying – all £8.75.

The Club Special Sub Sandwich Mr Mulligans Lost World Cheltenham Adventure Golf

The kids went for a Slider (mini burger) and Tomato Pasta with Garlic bread – each comes with a drink at £5.25 – that’s a little better. I did let them wash it down with a £1.85 slush puppy each – so they were well happy.

The golf, wasn’t too bad – to be honest, having seen the coming soon signage for so long, I had built up a much better picture in my head. The art work and ‘fairy dust’, which is what I believe theme parks call the ‘make believe’ element – was superb. One of the holes has a crashed light aircraft above you – really very good.

Inside Mr Mulligans Lost World Adventure Golf Cheltenham

But, the actual holes weren’t that…crazy. More like putting with a couple of bumps – where was the windmill man? If the crashed aircraft was part of the course, that would have been mega cool. As you progress, a few pipes and tubes pop up, so it does get a little more adventurous, but never CRAZY. We played on one of two courses – maybe the other was more challenging.

In summary,  we had a good time and will go back to play the other. The food, is as you would expect, but a little on the expensive side.

It’s definitely worth a visit.


PRICE: £ £ £

WEBSITE: mrmulligan.com/cheltenham/

TELEPHONE: 01242 787940

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