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About National Dish

If you’re reading this page, you’ve either looked at and hopefully cooked some National Dish recipes or seen me on social media – it’s only fair to give you a heads up in who I am, what National Dish is about and who it’s for.

Not the case? This page will really bore you, I’m already bored writing it, nowhere near as much fun as creating the recipes and eating at restaurants, here goes though.


I am a digital media professional for a large media company. What’s that? I get to work, play and make a living from the Internet.

I used to be really overweight – morbidly obese in fact. I’ve lost 25kg and still going. I am a food fanatic. My love of food had nothing to do with being overweight, that was me making some terrible life choices – which also leads to regret.

Motivation is a big thing for me right now and this site is a real help.

In my time working online, I’ve developed some useful skills – and I want to share those to help others too.

What does National Dish do?

Provide access to healthy versions of recipes and food from all over the world, in the U.K.

That means it’s a food travel site, for people who have an eclectic palate and love the sociology, history and geo-diversity of food. Some of the ingredients aren’t readily available in the UK, so I have substituted and adapted the recipe accordingly, making it more accessible. In many cases I will have never personally tasted the original, so can’t and won’t be credible enough to comment as to it’s authenticity, but others will tell me if I get it wrong. That said, if I think it tastes shit, it won’t be published anyway. The recipes will take the core inspiration and for that I am grateful to the country featured.

Whilst the site is called National Dish not all the recipes will be ‘the national dish’

Travel, food and culture fascinates me – so not ‘the’ national dish, but certainly a dish of that country. This gives me more options, so many historic foods are stew type affairs, for obvious reasons – but, it can’t just a be ‘stewing site’, that would be a little dull.

They are as healthy as I can make them – you know, because I was overweight and I am petrified about putting it back on

I try to replace white, starchy and complex carbohydrates with an alternative, aiming for as close to the Paleo diet as I can. So that’s no bread, rice, grains and potato. I also try to avoid at all costs, refined sugar.

I’ll use booze a lot, but the alcohol will be cooked out of that in most cases anyway. I’ll be replacing the carbs with courgette/zucchini, cauliflower rice, carrot or kohlrabi noodles and anything else I can think of.

Not just low carb

I will also be looking to make them Gluten Free – which just happens to be a happy bi-product of removing much of the carb – eating Gluten does not make me feel to great. Some spice mixes and stocks may contain gluten, so make sure you are aware of what is in your raw ingredients. There is increasing awareness of intolerance to gluten, so in avoiding the carb and gluten, these recipes become super healthy all round.

A little more about me, Wayne Morgan…

Born in Bristol, England and live in the Cotswolds, which is great for artisan food. I lead the food and drink business for a media group that reaches around 9 million people per month through magazine titles such as Cotswold Life, Cheshire Life, Surrey Life and daily newspapers such the Eastern Daily Press and East Anglian Daily Times and have worked on over 1,000 newspapers and magazines in the UK and around the world.

This blog is my opinion and my words only.

I’m a complete foodie and love cooking, especially for other people, which I do lot. I also write restaurant reviews; people often ask my opinion of where’s good to eat, probably because I am always cooking for them, it’s easier to just write it down.

Contact me – love hearing from people:

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