What’s it like to eat at Farmyard Norwich on St Benedicts Street? | Restaurant Review check it out if you’re cool enough

What’s it like to eat at Farmyard Norwich on St Benedicts Street? | Restaurant Review check it out if you’re cool enough
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The first thing you notice about one of St Benedicts Street’s latest restaurants, Farmyard Norwich, is the intimidation of the signage. This takes contemporary to a whole new level – lots of country green meets super pink – it sums up perfectly this very cool and vibrant place in the middle of agricultural Norfolk.

Inside, the decor is equally contemporary, clean lines, good lighting, mural walls and an open kitchen. But don’t feel too intimidated, the front of house will put you at ease the second they speak to you – although, they could have been slightly over-relaxed and informal – I had to beckon them over to take my order, which is a bit pants, but wasn’t a deal killer.

The mural at Farmyard Norwich restaurant adds to the atmosphere

I arrived rather early in the evening and it was a little quite, but it did pick up and was packed when I left.

The menu is nicely manageable and freshly printed, indicating it’s not static. As always, too much choice means poor food – four or five dished per course gives enough choice and comfort of quality. Most importantly, following the name, they are sourcing local ingredients as much as possible – ensuring that the menu maintains fluidity.

The open kitchen continues to give you comfort as you observe the chefs executing very chefy finishing – you know, that hunched over plate gently piling up delicate food type – ‘I’m an artiste’. I did this at a dinner party I was hosting once, my Canadian  Canada  mate said “are you serious?” – wanker.

We avoid midweek alcohol here at National Dish, so I went for sparkling water and a main course only – remember, we pay the bill to keep it real and we’re not rolling in cash. I took a look at the wine list and you had a good range, both price and quality – the top red at £39 retails at about a third of that – so at the upper end of the usual mark up.

In general though, I’d say the pricing was about average for this quality of place. The mains are well priced, I went for Dry-aged Collar of Black Pork which at £12 is great, but you have to add your sides on top. You’ll know this isn’t unusual these days, but can trick you when making your initial choices, I was eating alone so only went for one. I added Grilled Hispi Cabbage with XO sauce – cause I’m skill.

Food was great, spot on in fact – and it looked amazing as ‘hunchy the chef’ did his thing – to the chef, I’m not making fun here by the way, it was cool.

Farmyard Norwich Norfolk Restaurant Review don't watch chef finishing the dish

I have to repeat though, the decor and atmosphere is really quite superb and fortunately, so is the food.

I can’t fault it really, book it up if you want your mates to think you’re cool – and go with a lot of them too, you’ll have a great time.


PRICE: Average

WEBSITE: farmyardrestaurant.com

TELEPHONE: 01603 733 188


The capital of Norfolk, a county renowned for it’s produce, Norwich is fast becoming a gastronomic centre full of artisan restaurants, bars, cafes and coffee shops.

Norwich, far to east of England, about 100 miles outside of London and was once the second largest city in Britain. Sitting so close to Scandinavia is was once sacked, pillaged and burned by the vikings, with some Nordic influences still around today.

It has a castle and two cathedrals – which is mental – and lots of cobbled streets and windy lanes.

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