It’s come down to the wire | Would you bet on yourself to lose weight? | DietBet Diary Post 3

It’s come down to the wire | Would you bet on yourself to lose weight? | DietBet Diary Post 3

I’ve joined three DietBet games to run simultaneously for my first foray into gambling on myself to lose weight – 4% in 4 weeks. I bet $100 each on two games and $35 on the other.

I felt that joining multiple games at the same time (you can only do 3) would make the most of losing more weight when you first start dieting. Problem is, I have already lost about 25kg over the preceding 18 months. I needed to get from 97kg to 93kg in four weeks.

That’s not where I went wrong though, I got the weigh-in date wrong.

My first game finished 6 December 2017 but then I entered a game that had already started, and forgot it would end sooner – what a dollop! Friday evening I decided to have a Chinese takeaway – I know, stupid. But I was in the zone and well on track to hit the target…woke up, push notification from DietBet, game nearly over and soon you need to weigh-in, you have 48 hours to submit…WTF?

I jumped on the scales and weighed a whopping 95kg, how am I going to lose 2kg in 48 hours? Ok, don’t eat anything and go to the gym everyday, oh no, my buddy is coming round later for a few beers.

This was gonna be tough – went straight to the gym. What drops weight fast? Running. Makes me sweat like a guy betting on himself to lose weight at an all you can eat buffet. I did a 5km at a good pace (usually I run as a warm up 2km tops). Then hit some weights and then 2km on the rower. Then only drink Gin and Slimline and scotch….ate some pulled lamb too, no carbs, no sugar.

Next day, get on scales, 94.7kg – noooooooo (I know, that ain’t bad after the night before).

Ok nothing to eat for the rest of the day except a late lunch. Went to the gym, another 5km, alternative weights set and the rower again. Get back, jump on scales, 93.9kg – huh? Nearly a kg lost by going to the gym, maybe there is hope. Have the late lunch, 94.6kg – FFS. I’m not going to make it, need to weigh-in before 8am next morning.

Do I quit or get up at 6am and get to the gym and try to burn this off? Never quit – get up, jump on scales, 94.2kg, hellllllp, this ain’t gonna happen. Go for what I can only describe as an elephant sized wee wee, get back on scales, 97.2kg. Nod head in disbelief, jump off, jump back on 97.2kg – that a kilo of urine, ew.

Go to the gym, another 5km on the runner and straight to mini-circuits on the floor mats – ultra high intensity, my body shaking and flooding sweat throughout the duration of the plank.

Leave gym, shoot home, jump on scales 92.9kg – BOOM! Take weigh-in video, submit!

That was intense man – amen for running. It’s not only liquid it used up but is a great fat burner – it’s superb for weight loss, I’m going to run much more in the future and spend slightly less time on free weights.

All this because I got the date wrong. In reality, I had actually made it, and I’d be shocked if I buggered up my final two games…we’ll see.

DietBet Winner – one from three….so far.

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